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Friday, March 11, 2011

Djokovic set to take the World #2 Ranking

After years and years of following in Roger Federer’s footsteps, this may finally be Novak Djokovic’s chance to claim the #2 ranking.  Djokovic has gone without a loss in the first couple of months on the ATP world tour, and now lays only 165 points away from wrestling the spot from the 16-time Grand Slam Champ Federer (the Swiss has a total of 7, 965 points).  To perform this “changing of the guard” one of three things must occur in Indian Wells this coming week:
  • Djokovic wins the tournament
  • He reaches the final and Federer loses before then
  • He advances to the semi-finals and Federer loses before the quarter-finals.

Despite all of this excitement, Rafael Nadal still remains far ahead of the pack with 12,390 points.
Djokovic and Federer met in Melbourne.

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